Mr. G: “Cham Is Nothing But A Red Eye Guy”

Dancehall veteran Cham has drawn the ire of fellow dancehall star Mr. G during a recent interview.

In an interview with Winford Williams of On Stage, Cham said he had bigger songs in the 90s than Mr G and Red Rat, but had less promotion. That statement has not gone down well with Mr. G, known as Goofy in the 90s.

“How Baby Cham fi talk say inna 1996-7, him have bigger songs than Rat and me by far, but the only thing him never get was promotion, and how much him never get the highlight even though he was bigger than me and Rat. Cham is nothing but a red-eye guy, me and Rat was the pacesetters, we do the ting, travel out the world and been travelling. Him need to understand him little self and him fi know anything ah anything,” an outraged Mr. G said.

Mr G said he and Cham was not in a competition because they represented two separate labels.

“Cham was with Mad House and Red Rat and I were at Main Street, he was seeing us as competition but honestly Cham was not in our spectrum, we did a run di place and him neva have a bad song, if there was to be a competition it would have to be between Bounty Killer and Beenie Man,” he said.

“Cham come talk bout wi did have more promotion, like him try sey a money mek wi did a run di place. Him fi know sey a wi song dem mek wi run di place because money can’t make people love music … when wi a buss the place him piggyback pon Bounty Killer career fi buss,” he added.

In his defense Cham said he was not being disrespectful in no way.

“Mr G alright, mi not even ago comment pon dat, mi neva really a try come off as being disrespectful, all I was trying to say was that they had more PR, suh no comment on that,” he said.