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Bow Wow Dishes On How He Smash Kim Kardashian [Video]

Last week rapper/actor Bow Wow dishes on the amount of women he had sexual relations with including reality star Kim Kardashian.

In an interview with the Breakfast Club on Friday (Jan 27), Bow Wow opened up about his love life and some obvious and not so obvious names came up like Ciara, Angela Simmons, Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans and Dollicia Bryan.

Bow Wow also opened up about his new baby as well as his sisters blasting him on the internet.

Check out excerpts of the interview below:

On if he slept with Kim Kardashian.

I just want to know one thing. Where did you hear that one from? I just want to know where you heard that one from … We were cool.

Did you make a tape? Have you ever made a tape?

Yeah, I think we’ve all been guilty of hitting the record buttons on our iPhone every once in a while.

Has Kim gotten any better since Ray J? Honestly, she was terrible on that tape.

To be honest, I have not seen or spoken to Kim in the last two years. But sweet person. Cool peoples.

Did she call you Lil’ Bow Wow? Do people call you that in bed?

Nah, it’s different because you’re dealing with different nationalities. Sometimes, you might hear “Papi” one night. The other night you might hear “Daddy” the other night you might hear “Babe.” One night you might hear nothing but just moans and groans.

On what he’s been up to

“Movies, albums, touring, staying busy. That’s really it. Just working. Staying active. Father now, so on and off from working and maintaining a 1-year-old. She’s about to be one now.”

Saw you on 106 & Park. It looked like you were about to tear up while you were talking about her.

“I’m not gonna lie man … It was hard for me to look at her while I was talking about her. It’s a touchy situation because I love her so much and she is my first. I had to reel [the tears] back. But even Stunna hit me like ‘I think you was about to drop one.’”

You recently reached out to your father.

Yeah (Mumbles “Crazy a** ni**a”)

What made you do that? Was it the baby?

It was really out of  self. Because it was something I felt I needed to do as a man.

Before that, when was the last you had spoken to him?

Like, four years ago.

Why did you guys stop speaking?

Because of his alcohol problems. My father’s a heavy alcoholic. Been that way since I was young. Been that way my whole life.

Was he ever abusive in the house?

Oh, naw. Never. My mom would whoop his ass. And that’s happened! being I’m his only son, I know it’s gotta kill him. But at the same time, I’m grown now, and I have to do what I have to do. But at that time, I needed that for self. Not that I had gotten too “Bow-Wow-ish,” but I felt like I wanted to connect with my family and build what was lost.  That’s why I reached out to him, and it was all out of love. But I guess he felt  like I was trying to disrespect him by having it on my webisode or whatever. But, if you watch it, I was ecstatic talking to my father. Then, all of a sudden I see something crazy pop up from my two sisters on the Net. Ratchet asses. They ratchet. They real ratchet for that.

They said you sent goons or something.

I would never send people. I don’t send goons for nobody. I’m not that type of dude. I don’t attract that type of attention. What people don’t get about me is I get love from my hip-hop peers and people outside of hip hop. So the person who did that threat, I don’t even know where that came from.

Peep video footage below.

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