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Corey Todd Not Interested In Working With Vybz Kartel

Earlier this month, rumors surfaced that members of the Gaza are reaching out to Corey Todd to reunite with Vybz Kartel and resurrect the Street Vybz Rum brand.

But not so fast, sources close to Todd, told Urban Islandz that the businessman is not interested in working with the incarcerated Gaza leader.

“Many individuals approach Todd almost on the daily to do business with him, so it’s quite possible some maybe affiliated to the Gaza,” The Source said. “Todd is not interested in anymore business venture with Vybz Kartel. We rate him as an artiste, because him do good music, but him personality is not business friendly.”

The sources also said Todd is focus on building his current brands Yaad Swag and Riddim Night Club.

Do you think Corey Todd should bring back Street Vybz Rum?