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Spragga Benz Stars In New Jamaican Film “Green Card” (Trailer)

Veteran dancehall star Spragga Benz has starred in yet another major Jamaican film project tited “Green Card,” set to debut this year.

Spragga plays the role of Ricarlo, a ‘moorish’ Rastaman who has a Caucasion girlfriend, but is not very keen about getting married for the papers.

The film, Green Card, is based on the all so familiar story of Caribbean people making their way to the United States with hopes of attaining the American dream.

The story explores the decisions they make and how they get to their goals — following the ups and downs and misconceptions that can be formed in a bid to obtain a Green Card.

Spragga, whose real name is Carlton Grant, says, “I think the role it portrays is a new way of seeing the system.”

Spragga Benz previously starred in two hit films, Shottas and Brooklyn Babylon, where he portrays himself.

Jamaican-born director Cleon James, who hails from Montego Bay, says “the movie is based on true events.” James also said he is impressed with Spragga Benz portrayal of the character Ricarlo.

James said the dream of doing movies started when he was a little boy watching television.

“I used to see the characters on screens and wondered how they got there. I knew that one day I would do it.” He is now on his third film and looking to do a fourth — the first two being Facing Reality and Bloodshed.

His next film Ruthless, starred by Spragga Benz along with fellow dancehall acts Twin of Twins and Erup, is now in the post-production stage.

James said a release date hasn’t been set yet for Green Card as he is now the process of securing premiere venues in different parts of the United States.

Watch the unofficial Trailer below.

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  1. looks pretty good, where can I c full movie