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Jamaican Film “Blind Shotta” To Debut This Year, Trailer [Video]

Jamaican film director/producer Diavallan Fearon is set to release his debut film called “Blind Shotta” this year.

Blind Shotta, starring Rayon Walker, is a low-budget film shot in the Kingston garrison community of Grants Pen last summer. Walker, plays the role of Father Blinds, a visually impaired area leader who runs a tough St Andrew inner-city community.

“The story is about a blind man who was conned by an artiste who sold him old shoes and other junk because he could not see. This made him angry and he hired a hit man to get the artiste and an entire conflict and drama unfolds,” Fearon said.

According to director Fearon, the movie is a dream he had for quite some time.

“This film is a way of providing employment for much of the youth in the inner city, and as a child I have always wanted to make a movie,” he said.

Fearon said he has submitted the film to Carib theatre to bring it to the big screen.

“I submitted it to Carib theatre because this film is for the people, and I believe they should be able to see it in the cinema like any other international movie. The quality is good and it’s a reflection of our society,” he said.

The film was shot at various locations in Kingston such as Waterhouse, Grants Pen, Half-Way Tree and Constant Spring Road. The leading cast are Rayon Walker, Phillip Lee King, Raneal Onfroy and John Maffia.

An official release date for the film is not yet set.

Peep trailer below.

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