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Bounty Killer Have Love For Kartel, Will Clash Beenie For Free [Video]

Dancehall general Bounty Killer recently sat down with Winford Williams of On Stage to discussed topics including, how image, clash with Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel legal troubles and his new controversial song “Lollipop” with singer Gabriel.

On his image
“The cross angry miserable thing i kind of put it out the way. A lot of trouble i got into was mostly when am upset. When am humble am always doing the right thing and making the right decisions, so that was one of the main thing i put a side.

On Beenie Man clash
Yo know Beenie is a man that just say words and Jamaica know this inno. Beenie just say things to look good, cuz me and Beenie never have no agreement. He made some suggestions about keeping some concert on the 31st at Wyndalco or some place in Ewarton… Diamond splash mi ago hold him fi free. Me no want no money fi kill nobody I kill fish fi free.

On Vybz Kartel predicament.
Between every Jamaican. We as ghetto youths pass the worst and to fall back in a situation like this is really tragical. Me and Kartel is not enemy, we is just friends that fall out and not see eye to eye anymore… deep in a my heart there is love for Kartel.

Watch interview below.

Part 1.

Part 2.

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