Elephant Man Angers Ugandan Fans

Dancehall’s Energy God, Elephant man, angered dancehall fans in Uganda this week when he failed to performed on a show he was booked for last week Friday (December 2nd).

According to reports by allafrica, the dancehall veteran was scheduled to performed for the Kati Kati, but did not grace the stage because the promoters did not settled his fees.

Fans were left with only local acts and appeared to be visibly upset and unconcerned about the logistics surrounding the deejay’s no show.

“These are the usual artistes we see everyday; why pay that much for them?” one fan was quoted in the article as saying.

Additional reports revealed that the promoter of the event All Ntdanda, was jailed over the weekend for issues relating to Elephant Man’s money.

All and a business partner were arrested a police complaint was filed by Mitch Ogwang and other service providers, who had provided services for the flopped concert, dubbed, ‘Let’s Get Physical with Elephant Man.

It is not clear if fans received a refund.

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