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Barry Llewellyn Laid To Rest

Tributes and fond farewell was aplenty at the funeral service for the late Heptones founder, Barry Llewellyn.

The funeral for the late rock steady and reggae vocalist took place on Sunday at Curphey Place, St Andrew.

Among the highlights of the funeral was a heartfelt remembrance by his daughter Seanelder.

“He mastered the art of what is truly important in life. Family, integrity, responsibility and camaraderie. And, with his action, demonstrated how dedicated he was as a leader and a loving, providing man. My father had the ability to bring joy to people from all corners of the globe, all walks of life with just his voice. He believed he had a moral responsibility to help others and he was everybody’s friend,” she said.


“…Referred to as a girls’ man, but ladies tell me which woman would not want to go with a man with class and style and etiquette like my father… People that know my mother, know that’s my father’s number-one cheer- leader, advisor and nurse. I credit her for the extraordinary extra time the three of us had as a family together. And I am sure that anyone who knows her can agree with me. Looking out, I see so many family and friends and it is a healing gift to be surrounded by your love for my father and I want to thank you all for coming.”

Llewellyn co-founded the Heptones with Earl Morgan in the late 1950s. He passed away from unknown illness on November 25, 2011.


  1. he passed away from pneumonia