Several Clashes Lined Up For Sting 2012

Sting 2012 promises to be exciting following the confirmation of several clashes lined up for the December 26 event.

The event dubbed the greatest one-night reggae show on Earth, kicked off on Boxing day at Jam World Portmore. Among the clashes lined up include Hurricane vs Specialist, Deva Bratt vs Iyara, Tony Matterhorn vs Twin of Twins and KipRich vs Merciless.

The full line-up for Sting 2012 includes ‘the generals’ with Bounty Killer, Mavado, Aidonia, Spice, Gyptian and Elephant Man. In the ‘Bad Rastas’ segment, there will be I-Octane, Zamunda, Khago, I-Wayne, Etana, Teflon and Chuck Fenda. Representing the ‘5 Young Generals’ is Popcaan, Jah Vinci, among others, and ‘Generation Next’ will feature Tommy Lee, Flexxx, T’Nez, Raine Seville, Lisa Hyper, Ikaya and more.

The Sting promoters will also host a few events leading up to the big night, including Sting Face-Off Wednesdayz will happen every Wednesday night at Club Riddim where young artistes will battle lyrically to perform on Sting. Prior to Sting will be Candy Cane held on Christmas Day at Club Riddim, on the 27th Skinz Dripping Wet at Sugarman’s Beach and more.