Beenie Man Demands Apology From Laing, Else No Sting

Sting is looking to recover from a major flop last year with the promise of numerous clash between rival deejays in dancehall. But already the show’s promoter is stirring controversy ahead of its boxing day live event.

Just days after Sting promoter, Isiah Laing, officially launched this year’s event, dancehall veteran Beenie Man issued a statement to the media calling out the deejay for what he call a gross disrespect to older artistes.

“How Laing fi go pon TV and mek dem speech de say we ah old artistes and caan do nothing fi him show? Him no respect the dancehall veterans who help to build the industry in no way. Every year, him attempt fi disrespect we in some way, and mi not doing Sting this year unless Laing come explain to me what him mean by ‘old artiste’. If Bounty waan a clash, him haffi link me at some other show,” Beenie Man said in the statement.

Beenie said if an apology is not forthcoming he will not be performing on the annual event dubbed the “Greatest Reggae One-Night Show.” The dancehall star said he was approached by fellow veteran entertainers Bounty Killer and Elephant Man to perform on a show they are organizing.

“Killer and Ele come to me up at Suzie’s and say which part we ah go keep our show. Mi check it out and did a plan fi use Jamalco inna Clarendon and do the show on December 31. And now mi hear Killer ah say mi a run from clash, but mi fraid a Killer, mi nah run, and mi will clash him at another show apart from Sting. Killer bow too much, look how easy him mek Laing bring him in and ah use him fi bring mi in,” Beenie said.

Laing has since denied the allegations by Beenie Man, stating that the deejay is lying.

“I didn’t make such statement. Beenie Man is lying and I would like him to show me the clippings of the interview where I made such remarks,” Laing disclosed to journalists at Splash News.

Laing said Beenie Man is afraid of a clash with Bounty Killer, which is the reason why he doesn’t want to perform on the show.

“Beenie Man doesn’t have a problem with me, clashing against Bounty Killer is his real problem,” Laing added .