Conrad Murray Sentence To Four Years Behind Bars

Former Michael Jackson physician Conrad Murray was sentenced to the maximum four years behind bars.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor handed down the tough sentence today (November 29), less than a month after Murray Was convicted in the publicized Michael Jackson death trial.

Shortly after the sentence was handed down, Los Angeles Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore told journalists that Murray would likely end up serving “a little less than two years.” Due to overcrowding, most county jail sentences are immediately cut in half, and given the 46 days credit Murray has already been given, he is looking at even less than that.

Murray’s lawyers said they believed the sentence was unnecessarily long.

“Yes, of course [Judge Pastor] was harsh. He gave the stiffest penalty he was entitled to give under the law,” Murray’s attorney, J. Michael Flanagan, told reporters. “He was openly hostile. … [Murray has] led 56 years of exemplary life. He was really dreading [sentencing]. I think anybody would dread going into it. He’s an honorable man, and he’ll get through this. The family is suffering more than Dr. Murray is. … Dr. Murray is the provider in that family.”