Matt Barnes Accuses Ex-GF Gloria Govan Of affiar With Game

NBA baller Matt Barnes is dishing on the reason he and his ex-girlfriend Gloria Govan split earlier this year.

According to Barnes, the real reason he and Gloria split is because she slept with a former friend, that sources claim is West Coast rapper the Game.

Speaking on Twitter the NBA star said: “In May Gloria & I decided to separate & in the best interest of her career, I foolishly agreed to portray that we were still together. For her upcoming season of her show on VH1.”

Matt Barnes also addressed rumours of a fling with Eva Longoria, and blames Gloria for exaggerating the story.

“It is ironic now how Gloria is trying to manipulate The professional relationship between Eva Longoria & myself as the sole reason for our separation, when she knows we split up in May.”

According to Baller Alert, Game has been bragging to friends that he slept with Gloria, and even mentioned her in his song ‘Good Girl Gone Bad.

“I’m sittin’ here watchin’ Basketball Wives, Like ugh them is basketball wives?/ Only cute one, Gloria, that’s my n**ga Matt Barnes chick/Can’t swim in that poon fool, thats a crucial conflict, Never sleep with the wife of n**gas you eat with,” Game raps.