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Buju Banton Letter Writing Campaign Seeks 50,000 Signatures

Fans of incarcerated reggae star Buju Banton have revived their efforts to see him release from prison.

The Buju Banton Letter Writing Campaign (BBLWC) recently crafted a letter it hope will score massive support before landing on the desk of United States attorney general Eric Holder.

The organization is seeking at least 50,000 signatures by December 9, to mark the second anniversary of his arrest in Miami Florida during a drug raid.

The letter questions the validity of the singer’s conviction in June that sent him behind bars for 10 years. “Buju was charged as a result of information provided by a professional informant, Ian Johnson, who relentlessly pursued Buju for six months to participate in a drug deal. The professional informant in Buju’s case is a convicted drug trafficker,” BBLWC said in the letter.

Buju, whose real name is Mark Myrie, presently incarcerated at the Limestone County Correctional Institution in Groesbeck, Texas.

Buju Banton will speak for the first time since being incarcerate on December 20th from 10:30 pm to 12:30 am. Tune in to djshowntell.com for more info.


  1. Papërstäqx Vrs Kayb


  2. Papërstäqx Vrs Kayb


  3. Very Concerned, its become a trend..Buju Banton..Do not worry..Southern Africa..Africa..We Love you still, We understand the Game it be…No worry..The Lord Our God is with You even in The Darkest Hour..People can fail but He will not fail..Your soul will never fall until you reach your goal..Wise Up you Better know..SADC.Africa love.

  4. Does anyone know the outcome of the brutal murder of Paul ‘Sebastian’ Hutchinson in June 2005? He grew up with & wrote songs for Buju Banton and accusations flew wildly…I would love to know if Sebastian’s family ever got justice for his death…RIP Paul.

  5. Like brother BOB once said, “but I said it was in self Defence”……..rooots natty…..Rastafari.