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Elephant Man Robbed Of Travel Documents Among Other Things

Alliance member Elephant Man is pleading to thieves to return his travel documents after the deejay was robbed earlier this week.

According to the deejay, his Toyota Corolla was broken into on Monday night while he was at an event.

“Mi passport, mi documents, mi just get a copy of the brand new video for Survivor and a today it did fi come pon RE TV. The studio stuff, mi hard drive, laptop, mi need the whole a dem back. It’s a Gucci bag and a black travel pack,” Elephant Man said. “Mi nah diss nobody, mi nah do nobody nutten, mi just need back mi bag dem. Dem fi stop walk and bruck people car. Mi just want back mi bag and mi documents.”

Elephant Man said he is booked for upcoming shows in Africa, Haiti and Europe starting this weekend. He is appealing for his documents to be return as soon as possible.

“Mi fi go pon tour weekend and mi need back mi stuff dem. I am going Europe and Africa for three weeks and then I am going to Haiti. I already take the promoters’ money so I need back mi stuff. If dem can just drop it off at any Alliance corner, throw it over the fence, whatever. Nobody inna Jamaica nuh fava mi, so you can’t travel on my stuff,” Ele said.

Let’s hope these thieves return the deejay’s documents at least.


  1. Drive you Toyota Corolla mi friend. Save you money I when you cant manage no more. The higher monkey climb the more him expose. Continue go easy Eli. Hope you get back you things. Love you for humility.

  2. jamaica people some a them thief eeeeeeeeee.

  3. give elephant his bag back…rude boy get a beemer.

  4. toyota corola dread….gt a beemer.

  5. Kennedy Tendai Munawa

    toyota corolla?