Ricky Trooper Retired Silver Hawk

When the two veterans sounds, Sound Trooper and Silver Hawk squared off, no one knew what the outcome would be, except one will emerge victorious.

Hawk was sent to draw first blood and appears to be eying a clear victory until Trooper snatch that glory almost at the very end. Silver Hawk shore up a sizable amount of forwards in the beginning with dubs from Shabba Ranks, Barrington Levy and Major Mackerel.

Trooper also starts well, letting Richie Poo know he come to kill, by reeling off dubs from Sizzla Kalonji and Jah Cure. “Richie Poo, yu think wi nuh have tune too? A mi name Ricky Trooper … a whole heap a sound mi kill,” he said

Hawk took on Trooper from early on his youtube saga. “Ricky Trooper a informer,” Poo said.

Silver Hawk would went on to lead the competition straight through until Trooper draw for an atomic bomb, Chris Swag’s One Knock. Silver Hawk’s chances of a comeback would be buried in the massive forward the veteran Sound Trooper selector garnered from then on.

Nevertheless the audience and Judges were well satisfied, with Judge Big A stating that it was a true veteran clash.

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  1. bap bap to trooper even though silver hawk is is my number one sound.