Alliance Invading Gaza City, New Alliance Portmore Regime Formed

Bounty Killer is looking to strengthen his Alliance base with the formation of the new Portmore Alliance regime, headed by upcoming artist Dolla Koin.

The group was formed by Dolla Koin and a few others over the summer and have since mushroomed into an army, leading the Alliance general to publicly endorsed the movement.

“I was saying Alliance from day one because I always respect Bounty Killer, but I wasn’t officially into the real link until Fambo told Bounty Killer about me and the friendship developed,” Dolla Koin said.

Koin, who recently hosted his launch party with Bounty Killer aa a guest feature, said new and upcoming acts have been approaching him to get into the movement.

“He liked the vibe that he saw and he knew that I have always been representing Alliance long time suh from dat di ting tek off,” he said. “People have been approaching me to do auditions to join the camp. DJs and dancers, it’s a good look for Portmore so they want to be associated with it.”

Koin said the strength of the movement captivate some gaza fans, prompting them to cross the floor over to Alliance. “We even convert some Gaza followers who love the energy and want to share the vibe,” he said.

As for sealing the link and working with Bounty Killer, Dolla Koin said it is a blessing.

“It is good experience working with Killer, people mek it look like Killer unapproachable but that is very far from the truth, he is very encouraging and helpful,” Koin said.

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