Deva Bratt On Vybz Kartel Saga, “Karma is a…”

Former Portmore Empire deejay Deva Bratt says Karma is out to get Vybz Kartel.

Bratt, who is a former friend of the Portmore Empire boss, says he and the deejay fell out when he got into some legal troubles a few years ago. According to Bratt, Vybz Kartel rejoiced then, but its now his turn to face his own judgement.

“Karma is a… the same thing you wish for people, it will happen to you, I wish no bad on him, but a him first did duh song a style mi when I was in trouble with the law,” Deva Bratt said.

Deva Bratt said he is not surprised about whats happening and its Vybz Kartel’s lifestyle lands him in the legal blackhole.

“I’m not the least surprised, I have to just look at it as it is, cuz it is what it is, as an artiste too much of one thing nuh good,” he said. “It nuh look pretty pon him cuz body find inna house as dem sey, the Almighty know wah ago happen suh God will be the final judge, God guh wid him cuz mi cyaah guh.”

Deva Bratt was acquitted earlier this year on carnal abuse charges stemming from an alleged s3xual assault of a minor.