Vybz Kartel Gets Support From An Unlikely Place

Dancehall star Vybz Kartel is not most roots reggae musicians favourite personality. However, the embattled deejay is garnering support from some unlikely place in reggae music.

Dave McIntosh, the son of reggae great Peter Tosh, empress his sympathy towards the “Cake Soap” deejay during his speach at his father’s birthday symposium last week Wednesday, at the Undercroft, UWI.

Young Tosh drew on his father’s lyrics — “You cyann blame di youths,” to contextualise his feelings for Kartel.

Much to the amazement of the audience, Dave Tosh said he plans to do remakes of some of his father’s classic songs with Vybz Kartel, including the iconic “Cyaan Blame Di Youths.”

“I hear a lot of people come up and they talk about the song, You Cyaan Blame Di Youths, and it kinda touch mi, because is a song weh mi love mi self. And it means a lot to mi. In recent times, our business manager planning on doing some remasters with Peter’s music. So one of the ting we did plan to do, was to remaster some songs such as Legalise It, You Cyaan Blame Di Youths, and in talking to them me make a suggestion. Mi look pon dem and seh, you know sey me have the top artiste of Jamaica fi put pon You Cyaan Blame Di Youths right now. And dem sey which artiste dat? — Mi sey Vybz Kartel.”


“It kinda sad that it never really happened. You see whe mi a deal wid. Because we hear everybody talk about a Peter Tosh or a Bob Marley as being icons, however, me can remember as a child growing up, they weren’t much. Because they were old ‘dutty-head’ Rastas. You see it’s the same way dem treat the youths even of today.”

“so if we cannot blame the youths for what is going wrong, or the wrongs or the ills that they are doing, then who can we blame? That is the question.”

Do you think Dave Tosh have a strong point?

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