I-Octane: “Mi Neva Tek Up My Phone And Call NotNice” [Video]

Dancehall star I-Octane has addressed the recent issue with Corey Todd denying him from voicing on a NotNice produced riddim.

In an interview with ER, I-Octane gave his side of the story of the circumstances that cause the issue.

“Yo si Versatile a him a di new youth to the world… and wi done seh Versatile. Versatile a di man NotNice call fi voice on a riddim… and Versatile seh I am here with I-Octane and NotNice seh mek mi talk to him. Him seh Octane wah gwaan and him seh him have riddim etc and mi seh yow listen mi a music mi a do and him seh mi neva know yo woulda waan voice and dem thing de and mi seh and music mi do. Him seh den alright wi wi link. Its not like me tek up my phone and call NotNice.”

Last month Corey Todd publicly ridicule the deejay for wanting to voice on a NotNice riddim in light of his feud with another member of his camp, Khago.


  1. Jr Morebig Ravin King

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