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Mr. Vegas: “Mi Nuh Have Nutten But Love Fi Gyptian”

Dancehall star Mr. Vegas has broken his silence on the recent rant from Gyptian singling him out as a Twitter sissy.

Last week a viral video surfaced online of Gyptian dissing Nicki Minaj before turning his attention to Mr. Vegas.

“Vegas mi an yo no vex, but mi want yo stop do wha yo a do, yeah, da bag a chatting chatting dem an chat bad bout di bag a artist dem, especially me, yo sound like a sissy,” Gyptian said.

Mr. Vegas took a more diplomatic approach to the situation, claiming he and the “Hold Yuh” hitmaker are good friends.

“Mi always a defend Gyptian pon Twitter and a big him up, mi and him just have a song weh get how much millions of views on the number one hip hop site in America, so mi nuh have nutten but love fi Gyptian, Gyptian good man mi an him nuh have nutten,” Vegas said in an interview with Irie FM Radio.

Shortly after the video surfaced online, Mr Vegas hit up his fans on Twitter.

“Me and nuh artist nuh have nuh problem…a just one word mi have fi Gyptian….Love”

“You know what sad about dancehall music, the wrong f-king people always get the break.” (Mr. Vegas Twitter)


  1. Grison Balotelli Cure

    respekt fi gyptian!

  2. Grison Balotelli Cure

    respekt fi gyptian!