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Dudley O’Shaughnessy Opens Up About Rihanna Romans Rumors

Rihanna’s alleged new lover, British boxer/model Dudley O’Shaughnessy, has opened up about his relationship with the Bajan pop star.

The two has been linked together after O’Shaughnessy was booked by Rihanna to play the lead role in her upcoming video for her single “We Found Love.” The two were spotted on a few dates since the video shoot last month.

British newspaper, The Mirror, recently caught up with Dudley at his mom’s house where he puts the rumors to rest.

“My career is my biggest priority right now.[…]We had fun ­together, but I don’t know whether I will see her again to be honest. I’d like to go to America …but for work.”

Do you think Dudley O’Shaughnessy and Rihanna would make a cute couple?

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  1. Yonta Kirby-Williams

    model dudley o shaughnessy and beyonce.