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Gun Violence Mars NYC West Indian Labor Day Parade, 47 Shot Dead

New York getting crazy AGAIN… Almost 50 people shot and killed since the weekend

The annual New York West Indian Labor Day Parade on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn was marred by gun violence leaving some 47 dead.

According to reports, more than people were shot in and around the parade.

One man was shot during the jurvee, pre-carnival celebration at a McDonalds near the parade at 6am on Monday and another man was shot on Eastern Parkway after the celebration. Three men were shot and killed and a police man was shot and injured after the parade a few blocks away from the site.

Since then a series of random attacks leave several people dead or injured.

On Monday a gunman fired into the air several blocks away from the start of the West Indian Day Parade route in Crown Heights before hopping into a cab and fleeing.

Witnesses said the unidentified gunman got out of the car at E. 94th and Winthrop streets, and then ran off after tossing his gun. Cops caught him down the street after Macing him.

The crime wave mirrored the city’s drug-fueled epidemic of violence in the 1980s and ’90s, police sources said.



  1. this ish is stupid… people should enjoy themselves instead busing shots.

  2. This is just Ratchett, Black people really irk my nerves, senseless violence.