Game’s R.E.D. Leaking, Begs For Mercy

West Coast rapper Game’s long-awaited R.E.D. Album is suffering the all too familiar story in rap music.

The Interscope Records rapper’s album suffered an unauthorized leak, prompting him to ask his fans to refrain from downloading the project in its entirety.

Speaking to fans via Twitter, Game reminded fans he recently release music from his Mixtape.

“I see tracks off R.E.D. leaking…. Lotta love coming my way. Thanks, but if if u see FULL album don’t download ! We only gotta another week,” he tweeted August 16th.

“From “Purp & Patron” to “Hoodmorning” to “Daytona 500″ yall should have enough music to hold yall over for another week. #DoNotBootlegRED”

“If you listen to “Daytona 500″ 10 times inna row it will be next Tuesday when u done ha ha” (Game’s Twitter)