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Vybz Kartel Fuming Over Corey Todd Growing Clientel

Self proclaim Worl’Boss Vybz Kartel is fuming over the growing co-signs of former business partner Corey Todd.

In a Blackberry Broadcast Message sent out on the weekend, an obviously bitter Kartel said the same deejays co-signing Todd now was the same ones dissing him while they were partners.

“When me and Corey did a link, dem artiste deh did a bun out me AND COREY. When me and Corey stop link, dem same artiste deh run in gone sign up and line up. Man we f dem fi likes and riches cause dem a some shameless b****es. Das why people haffi rate me all when dem hate me cause me always be me – VYBZ KARTEL(#real talk).”

VIDEO: Corey Todd Interview On Split With Vybz Kartel

The message from Vybz Kartel comes just hours after the release of Corey Todd new riddim “Takeover,” featuring the likes of Beenie Man, Aidonia, Jah Vinci, Black Ryno, Khago among others.

The riddim was produced by Ainsley “NotNice” Morris and has been doing well with exceptional marketing.

Vybz Kartel and Corey Todd severed ties in May, following a well publicized split and allegations of death threats. The Split brought an end to the popular Street Vybz Rum and the re-branding of the Building nightclub to Riddim nightclub.

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  1. dutty corey todd leave vybez kartel alone, yuh shameless fool. I use to have great respect for you because I thought that you were intelligent and different bouy was I wrong!

  2. a person is free to do what they wonna do to their self.

  3. kim, u a dumba$$, lol!

  4. kim, u a dumba$$, lol!

  5. kartel to the wurl..nuh matta wah dem tro a kartel him survive it..people spend too much time worring about wat the man do in his personal life..corey tod cumming like so girl yuh and di man part gwan yuh ways and stop chat off yuh mouth fat bwoy…yuh nuh betta yuh jerk di same man dem diss yuh, yuh a sign like yuh a mek kartel look bad. gwey kartel career will forever be cuz him have loyal fans like we…

  6. Bleacher, nobody ever survived dissing the elders in any game, ask satan, and you certainly won’t..