Beyonce Covers In Style, Says She Ready For Kids, “”I Want To Have Kids” [Photo]

Magazine cover queen Beyonce landed on the upcoming issue of Instyle, where she talks being a fan of MTV’s Jersey Shore, channeling her focus on being a wife and starting a family.

It was great to be a wife and travel with [my husband]. I had to turn down great things. I did it for my sanity, my life, my relationships, my nephew, my husband, my sister and my friendships. I deserved to give myself time to focus on things besides performing, filming and recording.”

When you’re young —18 or 19 — you have the energy and drive. That’s the time to work as hard as you can. Now I’m a woman, and because I gave it my all, I can focus on my marriage. I can decide I want to have kids. I can be the mother I want to be and dedicate myself to my children.

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