Monster Twins Change Name To D Twins

Dancehall duo Monster Twins have change their stage name to D Twins.

According to the duo, who are aligned to T.O.K., said they had considered changing the name sometime ago but it was not convenient at the time.

“We want to change the name because ‘monster’ is played out. We have gotten more mature and we have a wealth of new music to offer,” said group member Chucky B.

Chucky B said their style has also changed to appeal to the wider international audience.

” We do world music, crossover, dancehall, hip hop,” he said.

T.O.K.’s Flexx weighs in on the name change

“I suggested the name change shortly after their hit Gal Dem Want Wi, but because they had their original name since they were kids they weren’t too sure about it,” he said.

The duo said they are ready to make more hits and reaffirm their status in dancehall.

“All when yu song bad it naah guh nuh wey because money ting involve inna di business, suh wi jus haffi push it harder,” he said.