Mavado Back In Court Next Month, Ask Judge For Mediation

Gully Gad Mavado, who reported for court yesterday, will return to the Montego Bay RM Court on September 29.

Vado was finger printed and had his bail extended when he report to court. His lawyer filed an application requesting that the matter be referred to mediation instead of trial. The judge will hand down a ruling at a later date.

According to the official report by the Constabulary Communication Network CCN, on Friday January 22 about 7 p.m., Mavado assaulted a man and damaged his Toyota Camry motor vehicle along the Belmont main road in St James. It is alleged that the 51-year-old complainant stopped along the main road to allow a line of traffic to pass when Mavado and members of his entourage attacked him.

Initial reports alleges that the man refused to move his car when Mavado and his men ask him to do so, so that they could avoid a large pothole. The man subsequently receive injuries to his head, back and leg.

The man was allegedly badly beaten all over his body with a machete and his son reportedly hit in the face with a machete causing him to lose several teeth.

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