T.O.K. Member Bay-C Opens Up About Group Split

T.O.K.’s Bay-C has stepped forward to share his opinion on the recent rift that threatens to extinct one of dancehall’s most successful long standing groups.

Last month another T.O.K. member, Craigy-T, announced that he is no longer a member of the group, sighting differences in direction as the reason for the split. In a recent interview with Tallawah Magazine, Bay-C also sight difference in direction as the cause of the rift within the group.

“I would say there was a level of frustration in everybody because each person might have a different idea for a song that we are recording, and I might feel that your idea is a bad one for the group, and you think that I am fighting down your views,” he explains. “So the sharing of ideas and the compromise has been a problem for a long time, and I think that is what frustrated Craigy T. He wants creative freedom.”


“My general response to all this is that when you have a group of brothers who grow up under one roof, there’s going to come a time when you don’t agree on everything, and that leads to problems in the household. That is how I look at it.”

Bay-C said despite the rift, the original four members of the group remain friends for some 20 years now.

“We are still a family. The friendship remains. We’ve been friends and a group for nearly 20 years now. But maybe it’s time that each brother steps out on his own. I think it’s just a natural progression.”

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  1. That’s understandable. You were a group for a long time. Although I didn’t want all u to split up.