Buju Banton Begins Serving 10 Year Stint In Mississippi Prison

Reggae icon Buju Banton has began serving his 10 year prison sentence in a correctional facility in Mississippi.

Banton, real name Mark Myrie, was transferred from the Pinellas County Jail in Tampa, Florida to the Adams County Correctional Center in Natchez, Mississippi where he will spend at least the next 6 years.

Banton was moved due to a shortage of beds in Florida facilities. Judge James Moody originally sentence Buju to serve his time in Florida, however, the Bureau of Prisons have decided to move the singer because of the issue.

“The judge recommended that he serve his time in Florida, but there were no beds in Miami, and the ultimate decision was made by the Bureau of Prisons. We are hopeful that when a bed opens up down here (Florida) that we can get him transferred so that it is easier on his family (and us) to see him,” David Markus, Buju’s lawyer explained.

The Grammy-winning reggae star was convicted on drug conspiracy charges earlier this year and was sentence to 10 years behind bars. He is expected to do at least 6 before release.