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I-Octane, Khago Feud Deeper Than Music “Mi Use To Wash Him Car”

Success can sometimes bring many friends and plenty enemies but in the case of dancehall stars Khago and I-Octane, it tears two close friends apart.

Both Octane and Khago has stepped forward to she more light on the circumstances surrounding their fallout in a recent interview with Anthony Miller of ER.

Khago says I-Octane, who was once his close friend, turn his back on him in a time of need, and then tryies to sabotage his career in the height of success.

“Him a walk an a tell people seh mi and him good, but mi an him nuh good inno, a three years now mi and him nuh deal,” Khago said. “Me help push him career, mi use to be him backup singer and mi use to wash him car.”

I-Octane says nothing like that, since he has in fact introduce Khago to several producers and disc jockey who had issues with the singjay.

“Mi introduce him to Liquid and I seh Liquid please, mi literally on mi knees, yo seh yo want a artist si a bad artist yah, mi carry him to Jam 2, dem have problems with him, Octane said. “Mi voice dem song de long time and I never know seh him do dem things.”

Watch the full interview below.


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