Bounty Killer And Alliance Fans Blast Chase Cross Over Diss Track

Fans of dancehall giant Bounty Killer and his Alliance outfit are stepping up their pressure on Gullyside artist Chase Cross after a new diss track surfaced online earlier this week.

Since Urban Islandz broke news that there is no beef between Mavado and Bounty Killer, fans have been hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter calling out the deejay/rapper. See some of the response below.

“A Whe Mavado get dem yute yah from whe a try mashup di Alliance. how yo fi diss smaddy like Killer who build dancehall.” (Facebook)

“Tell Waste Cross fi easy himself and go focus on getting some decent music.” (Twitter)

“If I was you I would issue an apology because this is career suicide.” (Twitter)

“Some a dem young youth yah belong pon di Gaza because Alliance artists them have more sense than that. If there is disagreement Alliance people work it out internally. Poor judgement.” (Facebook)

“Mavado need fi clear this up and Killer need fi kick dem youth yah out a di Alliance before dem mashup the best thing inna dancehall right now.” (Facebook)

“Chase Cross = Shawn Storm of the gaza, no talent, if you par wid Bounty and no buss yo no have no talent.” (Twitter)

These were some of the many response from fans.


  1. Wayne E. Milliner

    dem bwoy dem nuh have no sense,

  2. mi feel hurt when mi listen to dah song deh weh sound like a piece a yu fi a diss killa who build the thing. noh hype fi the song ya it stink waste cross.

  3. chase cross is a fool to be dissing killer, him noh si seh a reck him a reck himself and him career.Killer a di general so chase caan go hide and get some hit songs and lyrics.Killer big yuself everytime. dah byou deh a try fi mash up di thing.

  4. mavado and gullyside fi memba who build dem career waste cross get some talent please hype yu a look.

  5. Mavado need fi address dis.

  6. vado curve u puppy of a cousin mek him know him place…..him fi do a commercial track instead of running is stinking mouth against the killa.