Cliffside Entertainment To Sue Richie Spice

US base promoter, Cliffside Entertainment, said they are moving to sue reggae star Richie Spice.

The company CEO, Sharon Rose, said Spice had done several shows Stateside before turning up to perform at their show, causing them to feel ripped off.

Rose said the initial deal between Spice and Cliffside Entertainment was that the promoters would make a 50 percent deposit, pay for the plane ticket as well as to book a hotel for Spice along with three of his entourage.

However, the artiste’s record label, had changed the ticket, booking an earlier flight date without notifying Cliffside Entertainment to accommodate a promotion of Spice’s new album.

Rose laments that, “it was after doing a show in Philadelphia, that had nothing to do with Cliffside Entertainment, that they called to be picked up from Massachusetts.” That would cost the promoters US$400 to get them to Connecticut.

Rose said Spice and his team showed up a day late and refuses to follow itinerary which includes signing autographs and interviews.

According to Rose “they were tired from their show done at my expense. I was their last stop after doing five other shows. We were like a pass through act since they were already in the country.”

Cliffside Entertainment decided to subtract the ticket cost from the remaining 50 per cent, which was to be paid three hours before the show, due to Spice not meeting the obligation of the itinerary. However, the reggae star never showed up for the show.

“I am suing them for everything,” she said, explaining that she wanted back the 50 per cent deposit, ticket money and hotel costs.

We want to hear from Spice and his team on these allegations.