Mavado Returns To Court On November 21

Dancehall heavy weight Mavado next court hearing is set for November 21, 2011. Mavado was charged with assault following the fatal shooting of a close friend during an incident at Bounty Killer’s birthday bash earlier this month.

Mavado, who appeared before Resident Magistrate Judge Judith Pusey last week, pleaded not guilty to charges of assault occasioning bodily harm. His attorney Christian Tavares-Finson requested more time since the complainant, an off duty officer implicated in the shooting, is being investigated for same incident.

Initial reports alleges that Mavado and members of his entourage refused to be search while entering the Quad night club in Kingston for Bounty Killer’s “Its A Party.” However, Mavado said that was not the case, as he was already inside the venue when the off duty police officer got hostile towards him and his friends.

The off duty officer also gave a conflicting story as to what went down. In his account of the incident, he said on June 13, at about 4:00 am, he was a patron at the Quad night club when he saw a group of about 20 men, who were a part of the artiste’s entourage, trying to enter the club.

The men were reportedly behaving boisterously and were pushing to get inside the club, he said. He added that he was standing inside the lobby when Mavado stepped on his foot when he was passing by and he called out to the entertainer and told him that he had stepped on his foot and he should take it easy.

The off duty cop claimed that Mavado then used his right hand to hit him on the left side of his face and threatened to kill him. He said he then opt to defend himself but was attacked by members of the artiste’s entourage who hit him all over his body.

Mavado friend, Conroy Edwards, was shot and injured during the alleged tussle. He was rushed to the hospital but succumb to his injuries a couple days later.

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  1. The off duty officer story does not sound right… how is Mavado going to make a threat on his life at the Birthday Party for Mavado’s Idol. The off- cop cop doesnt state how his gun came into play.