Keida Collaborate With Shurwayne On “Good Vibration” [Audio]

Reggae singer Keida and soca star Shurwayne Winchester drop a new sultry single called “Good Vibration.”

In a statement send to Urban Islandz from the singer’s publicist Aba Luke ET-CET-ERA, Keida explained that the collaboration came about after meeting Winchester for the first time at a club.

“I just happened to meet Shurwayne. He and my manager are friends and they were talking about music outside a club here, and he heard my music,” she said, explaining how the collaboration for their brand new track, Good Vibration.

Shurwayne, who’s set to perform in Germany on June 10, will now share another hit single on stage – this added to the catalogue of music he’s supplied over the years. For Keida, this is a second hit single. The collaboration comes on the heels of a track she did called, Jamaican Boy. “ I have another single called, Rock Guh Down, that is being mixed at the moment,” she said, hinting that the world better be prepared for what she’s about to bring.

Shurwayne said the opportunity to collaborate with the budding Caribbean songstress just couldn’t be missed. “ This girl is amazing. She can really sing. It was really a pleasure working with her and I’m looking forward to doing more tracks with her,” he said.

For Keida, working with Shurwayne was an incredible experience. “It was so much fun working with Shurwayne. We were at Jam2 studios and we were listening to beats and Shurwayne heard that beat and he loved it! He’s so high energy and that’s so rare… He immediately came up with something, with every beat,” she said.

Good Vibration is fusion of reggae, dancehall and groovy soca and offers lyrics that fuel true Caribbean appreciation.