Birdman Weighs In On The game, “A Lot Of Old Acts Ain’t Around No More”

Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman recently opens up about his empire and music industry hustle.

In the new XXL Magazine issue Birdman discussed the current state of the rap game with over a decade in it.

Birdman aka Baby speaks on his company’s aim to not allow corporations to run them to the ground. See excerpt below:

“Just how heavy it was, how many different brands you had, how many different artists. Now it’s a new era, really. A lot of the old acts ain’t around no more, of the era when we come in the game. The labels, the corporations, they not supporting the brands. I think one of my biggest things was I been an independent brand. I always owned my own brand. I never been funded by them. It’s P&D deal. I was always able to use my money to do everything we wanted to do, too. So when you bagged up by them and they money, and you ain’t working out… You might have one bad year, and they’ll give up. Things might not balance out. It could be any little thing. Times change, like 9/11, depression. People didn’t wanna f*ck with money like they used to. In my situation, I never had them do that for me. I always floated my own money. We made our own moves.”