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Tessanne Chin Calls Out Rihanna On Twitter Over Man Down

Barbadian pop star Rihanna has come under fire from some quarters of Jamaica for her new video “Man Down.”

The video for the single off her platinum selling album Loud, depicts RiRi shooting a man she had a run in with the day before.

Reggae singer Tessanne Chin shared her discontent with the video being shot in Jamaica on Twitter.

“I don’t appreciate it when artists come inna fi mi country and depict straight BS in dem videos !!! Go a yuh owna country go film dat not here !!!”

“I appreciate art and I understand that we as a people face these realities every day but we don’t need people constantly glorifying it and sending out that message!!! We are sooo much more than that !!!!” (Tessanne Chin’s Twitter)

Tessanne’s sister Tami Chynn also weighs in on the video.

“@Tessanne bwoy Chin, da video deh hurt mi star…why film that here??? and depict THAT story!!! Like you said, we are so much more.” (Tami Chynn Twitter)

The single Man Down is a reggae fusion track co-written by fellow Barbadian singer/songwriter Shontelle and featured on Rihanna platinum album Loud.

Peep Rihanna Man Down video below.

Do you agree with Tessanne and Tami Chin about Rihanna shooting the video in Jamaica.?


  1. Tessanne Chin sucks….her career is remaking other artist songs like Katy perry firework and Rihanna no love allowed. That’s why she won the voice cause she got at ripping off others songs

  2. Tessanne chin is an amazing singer and never get to buss overseas like she should have by now, perhaps she thought starting some drama would make people pay more attention to her.

    Because really and truly the average person who is going to see that video will clearly know that it was filmed in the caribbean but will not have any idea which island?

    I myself a$$umed it was filmed in barbados, until i seen a sign on a shop on the video saying “portland” the only portland i know is in jamaica, so that peaked my interest, but it is only because i’m west indian  
    is why i even thought about it in the first place. 

    I never saw a R .Kelly video in the tropics and gave any thought too it and with barely any real parts of the video overtly displaying jamaican nationality i sincerely doubt none but a microfraction of the people who are going to see it are even going to bother too look up where it was made.

    As for Michael A Cuffe comments about barbadian airport authorites, it may have made the news in jamaica recently but barbados airport is notorious in the eastern caribbean for being corrupt, unfair and all out theives for decades, i know plenty small island people that extend there trip by hours to go to trinidad for international flights, just to avoid barbados airport authorities, its just true that jamaicans dont have to use barbados to fly to big country like u.s , uk and canada why the only found of late.

    If you think jamaicans are being singled out, you’re wrong they are equal opportunity a$$holes.

    • She get buss now…. How you like dat wid yuh bread and butta?

    • It ´s called Art, artist souks havé open minds. This is NOT about Jamaica, it’s pure ignorance to juge an artist bases on where the vidéo was shot plus Rih did Not chose where to shoot the vidéo so chill out .

  3. This is all much ado about not a damn thing, I didn’t hear the same uproar over Damion Marley’s video welcome to Jamrock, which if we are honest was way more graphic, not to mention the countless other dancehall videos depicting women in very precarious positions, a$$imilating s-x and calling it “dancing”. I watched this video several times and I fail to see the issue, when we constantly pander to trifle we start looking like a trifle set of people, I like Tess and Tami but seriously girls get over it.

    • Divagal from Brooklyn

      U on point Ms. Kadia.  The Chynn sisters are hypocrites, the still have a long way to go before they reach that
      international cross-over as Rihanna. How come they are not speaking out
      on all those dance hall degrading “daggering” videos that disrespect
      Jamaican women.   I’m quite sure all dem hungry belly people (extras)
      in the video were paid, so they earned a day or two meals for their
      families.  Rihanna’s Loud  CD/Album is almost a year old, which means anyone who bought
      her CD, must have listen to “Man Down” before the video was shot.  The
      words of the song did not change to shoot the video, she just performed
      the script the way it was written to give a visual  effect of the song,
      Man Down to her audience.  Madonna made a video for ‘Like a Virgin” and
      Pappa don’t Preach (abortion) and the Catholic Church, and Pope made a
      b*tch about it, MTV did not stop playing those videos due to public or
      political opinions. Whether Rihanna made the video in Harlem, Barbados
      or LA, the script would have been the same, just different venue.  Male
      Rappers been having half-naked women in their videos bouncing their
      a$$es and drinking liquor for the past 30 years, but the minute a famous west-indian
      female artist sings about sexual a$$ault, the international media and entire USA-media is ready
      to attack her.  Watch her CD go triple-platinum now in the next couple
      weeks, due to curiosity folks.  LOL Read more: Rihanna Talks “Man Down” Controversy On 106 & Park [Video] | Urban Islandz

      • Reach where? Rihanna is not a vocalist, she was in the right place at the right time, you obviously do not know what you are talking about, Rihanna was selected by Jay-z not because of her vocal talent.

      • no one said anything about “vocalist,” sweetie. whether she was in the right place at the right time, as u put it, rihanna is established and accomplished. let’s see what tessanne can now do.

      • Tess show yuh what she can do….yuh nuh see she win di voice?

      • the first step. let’s see what will become of her career now.

      • Rihanna has distinctive voice but is not a singer’s singer like a Beyonce or Mariah but she has a distinctive, unforgettable voice not very technical. When was the last time that Rihanna had a hit with a slow song, let’s face it. I don’t she is capable of it.

      • This is the musical question of the century. Can Rihanna have a hit with a slow song ? Inquiring minds need to know.

  4. funny how none of them said nothing about drake video with movado who was some sort of don, really now? I could swear Wayne Marshal was in the video too so maybe thats why nobody nah talk bout that. dem know who fi target..

  5. Michael A Cuffe

    For centuries Jamaica has been depicted as a place of crime and violence, an interpretation that has been carried over and fostered by the international media.

    As much respect as I have for Rihanna, I do believe she could have sent a stronger message using ger own country (Barbados) as an example, given the recent uproar created by that country’s immigration officers and Jamaicans. None the less, we can’t expect her to take it to that level.

    Its high time we as a people stop gloifying and marketing Jamaica as a violent country and focus on our positives; sports and entertainment being key areas. Maybe then the world will realize who we are and stop exploiting us for its preconceived notions.

    I support Tessanne, and do I wish our other Jamaican artists have the courage to speak out as well. If we are to move this country forward, it begins with us.

    • since rihanna clearly wants to depict real issue why doesn’t she depict the rising level of batty man in barbados (homosexuality)