Tessanne Chin Calls Out Rihanna On Twitter Over Man Down

Barbadian pop star Rihanna has come under fire from some quarters of Jamaica for her new video “Man Down.”

The video for the single off her platinum selling album Loud, depicts RiRi shooting a man she had a run in with the day before.

Reggae singer Tessanne Chin shared her discontent with the video being shot in Jamaica on Twitter.

“I don’t appreciate it when artists come inna fi mi country and depict straight BS in dem videos !!! Go a yuh owna country go film dat not here !!!”

“I appreciate art and I understand that we as a people face these realities every day but we don’t need people constantly glorifying it and sending out that message!!! We are sooo much more than that !!!!” (Tessanne Chin’s Twitter)

Tessanne’s sister Tami Chynn also weighs in on the video.

“@Tessanne bwoy Chin, da video deh hurt mi star…why film that here??? and depict THAT story!!! Like you said, we are so much more.” (Tami Chynn Twitter)

The single Man Down is a reggae fusion track co-written by fellow Barbadian singer/songwriter Shontelle and featured on Rihanna platinum album Loud.

Peep Rihanna Man Down video below.

Do you agree with Tessanne and Tami Chin about Rihanna shooting the video in Jamaica.?