Spice: “I love my Guyanese fans”

Dancehall deejay Spice said she will no doubt go to bat for her Guyanese fans.

The “Jim Screechie” deejay, who recently gave birth to her second child, said she initially went to Guyana on the weekend for a single show, but was scooped up by another promoter to perform at another show the following day.

“I love my Guyanese fans. It was such great energy and the vibe was really crazy for both events. The turnout, even for the last-minute event was phenomenal, but it just shows what can happen when you hit the stage with a great set and give the fans their money’s worth.”

Spice also records two new track with veteran dancehall producer Tony Kelly in Miami two weeks ago. Spice laments the two track will equal the flow of Jim Screechie, which was one of 2010 top dancehall hits.

“Tony is a fabulous producer, and his stuff has always been mainly crossover material. With the two tracks, fans can definitely expect the unexpected. In the same way that Jim Screechie caught persons off-guard because they didn’t expect that kind of flow from me, the two songs are gonna do that.”

The tow tracks I Wanna Know and Keep It All will premiere later this month.

Watch Spice “Jim Screechie” video below.