Jennifer Hudson Clears Up “Playboy” Comments About Beyonce & Rihanna


R&B singer Jennifer Hudson has stepped forward to address claims she called out Beyonce and Rihanna.

Jennifer told the UK’s Daily Mail in a recent interview: “I’ve love my new figure. All the fabulous clothes I can wear and get sent, I joke that I’m like a walking billboard now. But I won’t be taking my clothes off – no way at all. Beyonce and Rihanna can have that. I like to cover up more. I won’t do Playboy. Playboy can call, and wait. That’s just not me.”

But a crazy Beyonce fan, named QueenBeyonce11 on Twitter attacked Hudson, reportedly calling her a “b****.” The user has since deleted their account, but we still have Jennifer’s feisty reaction!

Hudson reply on to the fan on Twitter and was quite stern.

“wait what ? Who r u talking to? N what r u talking about? I’m so glad I found your tweet ! U gone make me lose my damn celebrity religion on up ass ! Don’t u ever come to me like that! Beat it! Next time know what u talking bout before u come talking shhh!!!”

“I think yal know me better than that. I love both beyonce n Rihanna . I hate when people try to be messy . B n ri know me better than that 2. I had to say something . I don’t like that kind of stuff .” (Jeenifer Hudson Twitter)