Michel Martelly Wins Haiti’s Presidential Election [Video]

Urban Islandz NEWS: After a long election marred by controversy, it has now been revealed that musician Michel Martelly is the winner of Haiti’s presidential election, according to official preliminary results.

Pras Michel, Martelly’s Secretary of State pick and former Fugee member threatened more protest similar to Egypt if Martelly doesn’t come out victorious.

Last year Pras publicly supported Martelly over former Fugee member Wyclef Jean, who attempted a run for office.

There have been rumors of fraud during the first round of votes and the final results are due April 16th.

Watch video below.


  1. regarding Praz Michel’s comments about a possible election loss.We hunger for democracy, we pray for democracy, we die for democracy, but if your candidate loses your best advice to this nation who has been starving for leadership for so long is to burn the country. Help me out, brother, I am totally confused!!

    • They regime of corruption been in power for decade in Haiti but now what new generation broke tribulations something went wrong cause since 1804 Haiti been independent man my country named used to be /la belle des Antilles /mean one of the must beautiful island in the Caribbean now we back again.thank you Wyclef may the creator bless you