Ikay’s New Single “Stormy Weather” [Audio]

Upcoming rapper Ikay release his second official single titled “Stormy Weather.

“Stormy Weather” is the second official single to be released by the Jamaican emcee Ikay; this record is also produced by Ikay himself.

The production on this record is incredible, the pattern of the bass line and drums are remarkably impressive, I love the orchestration of both the piano and the flute. Ikay is truly a genius for incorporating the thunder and rain effects in the beat to make it sound more dramatic and for it to give off more of a stormy weather theme; I also love the way in which Ikay implicated those inspirational words from the “Martin Luther King Jr. – I’ve Been To The Mountain Top” speech on the intro and outro of this record, that really added more character to the song.

When Ikay rap’s you can almost feel his emotions and can tell that he is rapping straight from his heart, you can tell that he is rapping about his personal experiences and trials and tribulations. I am sure that if you take the time out to listen to this “Stormy Weather” track you will be amazed and inspired by the positive message which this record entails.

Listen track below.