Bob Marley’s Iconic Guitar Heads For Grammy Museum

Urban Islandz NEWS: Reggae King Bob Marley’s legendary guitar will be on loan to the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles for a year.

The loan of the iconic guitar, which is link to some of reggae’s greatest hits, is in part of a grand exhibition to commemorate 30 years since the death of the reggae legend.

The Gibson Les Paul electric guitar was recently shipped out from the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston and substitute with an exact replica during the period of absence.

“It was taken by hand and delivered to Stephen, Bob and Rita’s second son, en route to be delivered to Ziggy, their first son. It was taken by Errol Brown, Bob’s engineer. As you can imagine we had to ensure its safety and that it was carried by someone trusted and who we knew would look after it and treat it with the care and respect it deserves,” stated Jacqueline Lynch Stewart, general manager at the Bob Marley Museum

The “loan” period will commence in May when the guitar will be delivered to the Grammy Museum according to Stewart. The guitar is one of the most popular exhibits at the Bob Marley Museum she stated. It greeted visitors on the final stages of the 45-minute tour displayed along with Marley’s analog mixing board.

Staffs are understandably anxious about the guitar leaving the museum, but Stewart said they understand Bob Marley is a world legend also.

“Members of staff were anxious about it leaving the Museum, but all understand that Bob is not only a Jamaican legend, but a world legend, so he has to be shared with the rest of the world. Further, it is a honour to have the Grammy Museum do a special Bob Marley exhibit and we thank them for the honour bestowed on our beloved Brother Bob.”

The guitar is now with Bob Marley son’s in the United States.