Japanese Dancehall Artists To Record “One For All” Anthem

The Japanese dancehall community in Jamaica and overseas is responding to the call for solidarity amidst the devastating earthquake that rocks the country last Friday, with a song called “One For All.”

According to Ryo the Skywalker, who left Japan for Jamaica two days before the earthquake, the Japanese dancehall community is responding to the call for the initiative.

“We already start making a song. Japanese deejay Chehon call on all reggae friends and (producer) Gachapan to build the riddim fi it. Twenty-eight artistes de pon this song already,” explained Skywalker. “Chehon and Gachapan dem live in Jamaica and is leading this movement.”

Skywalker said his original intent was to mix an album at Big Ship Recording studio in Kingston, but the disaster in his homeland dampens his spirit.

“Actually I left Japan on the 9th inna this month. After mi reach Jamaica, I got this news and I was so shocked. Since then mi start check out Japan situation by the Internet and help to spread right information to dem while doing studio work in Jamaica,” he tweeted to the Sunday Observer. “What we mixing is our next compilation album. Various Japanese dancehall artiste pon it. But I still worry bout people in Japan. And mi worry ’bout the nuclear plants which got damaged. I hope it a go stop and be safe.” (Jamaica Observer)

The 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan last week Friday left some 10,000 people dead and severak thousands more missing. The quake brought with it a massive Tsunami that triggered a nuclear explosion, resulting in radiation being release in the atmosphere.

You can view images of the devastation here.

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