Bloods Family Showing Solidarity For Japan

The One Blood musical family is showing their support for the victims the massive Japan earth quake, through an initiative called “Japanese Thursdays.”

The Bloods which consist of reggae veteran singer Junior “One Blood” Reid and his two sons Andrew and Wada Blood, said they made the decision because of the massive support for the music coming out of Japan.

“The Japanese are probably the nation that support reggae music the most. We just want to show the Japanese that we are here for them. No, not just me Junior Reid and the One Blood family but the whole industry. As foreigners, you don’t have no one else in the world who come to Jamaica to get involved in music like Japan. Nuh American, nuh Englishman can compare to them when it come to musical relations to Jamaica. Wi want them to know that the One Blood family respect, and love goes out to them. They support our music, so we affi support them.”

Through assistance from Japan native Yumi, Junior Reid said the proceeds from the event will be given to the victims of the devastating quake that wreck havoc in the Asian country.

Japanese Thursday is being held at Club View on Eastwood Park Road in Kingston.