Konshens Drop A New Track Called “Forward” [Audio]

Dancehall deejay Konshens who recently spoke of his love for reggae music, has release another signature song name “Forward.”

In a release to the media, Konshens declares that he is ready to “drop every link weh nuh have nuh ambition” as he moves “forward, forward”. And he is also ready to kick off any door – ‘no more knocking/time fi kick off door’ – that has prevented him from moving forward.

Konshens said the title of the song depicts his personal feelings and going forward with his career.

“The title of this song was no accident,” the Winner hit maker disclosed. “I believe in the power of words and now that we chip in the turbo, I know that Forward will take me right there -forward,” Konshens said.

“The taste of success is the sweetest thing I have ever enjoyed. You don’t need a spoonful of sugar to make this go down. So it’s in my best interest to prolong this taste in my mouth. Forward is a statement, an intent, an action and a message.”

Listen to Konshens “Foward” below.