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British Kids TV Show “Rastamouse” Sparks Racist Row [Video]

A new kids cartoon series that debut in the UK last month called “Rastamouse” has sparked much controversy among some parents.

The Rasta mouse is a patois-speaking puppet, who fights crime and spreads love and respect. According to reports he has been a huge hit with the BBC’s younger viewers since the show hit screens at the end of last month.

He has dreadlocks, a Rasta Tam (woolly hat), rides a skateboard and uses words like “irie” (happy) and “wagwan” (what’s going on?).

This is not going down well with some parents and members of the Rasta community in England according to a report by the Mirror.

According to the Mirror report, one of those unhappy with the show is Levi Roots, the man behind the Reggae Reggae sauce brand.

“I was asked to do the voice of the mouse, but I said no. I am a Rastafarian and I wouldn’t want to portray a Rastafarian as a mouse,” Levi said.

“I’d never portray a Rasta as a pig or a mouse as I don’t think the values of being a Rasta are served by that. If it was a lion that would be very different, a lion is strong symbol in Rastafarianism.” He added.

Levi also said although he does not support the show, Rastafarianism does need representation on TV.

“Personally, I do not support this representation of us. But we do need representation on TV and as this is the first it should be given a chance. People need to decide whether it is right or wrong for themselves. I have seven children and I would most certainly not want them to watch this show.”

Peep a video clip from the show Rastamouse below

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  1. SMH, making mountains out of molehills. The show is not harmful.