Mixtape: Ikay – This Is My Life… Vol. 1

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Cry Nation and Nu Jerzey Devil presents Kingston Jamaica’s own prophetic lyricist Ikay. This brand new 22 tracks mixtape is titled “This Is My Life… Vol. 1”.

This mixtape was released in the summer of 2009 and consists of tracks from four years back when Ikay was just starting out on his musical career, this mixtape also consists of a combination of more recent tracks.

All the tracks on the mixtape are engineered by Ikay himself as he embarks upon the best of both worlds, rapping and producing.

This mixtape is definitely something you can vibe to if you’re having a bad day or going through some sort of predicament, you got tracks such as “All I Wanna Do”, “By Your Side”, “Nothing But Passion”, and “Celebrate My Death” that could provide you with some form of comfort and take your mind off all the problems which you’re going through.

If you’re looking for more of gangsta type tracks then “We Ready”, “In Da Building”, and “Dem Boyz” are the tracks for you.

This mixtape consist of features from Zala, Singing Vernon, Nas, The Game, Mya, and is hosted by Nu Jerzey Devil himself.


1. Nu Jerzey Devil – This Is My Life… Vol. 1 (Intro)

2. Ikay – This Is My Life… Vol. 1 (Intro Pt. 2)

3. Ikay – We Ready

4. Ikay – All I Wanna Do

5. Zala – Rough Speed [Produced by Zala]

6. Ikay – Play My Song

7. Ikay – Soul Redemption [Produced by Ikay]

8. The Game – Still Me (Ft. Ikay & Mya) [Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]

9. Ikay – God Son (Dedicated To Nas)

10. Ikay – Thankful (Snippet) [Produced by Ikay]

11. Zala – A Fiwi Dem [Produced by Ikay]

12. Ikay – Nothing But Passion

13. Ikay – Celebrate My Death [Produced by Ikay]

14. Nas – Thugz Mansion (Ft. Ikay)

15. Ikay – By Your Side (Ft. Zala)

16. Ikay – In Da Building [Produced by Ikay]

17. Ikay – Dem Boyz

18. Ikay – Ikay Freestyle

19. Ikay – Part Of Life (Ft. Singing Vernon)

20. Ikay – Tired Of Pain

21. Ikay – Holdin It Down

22. Nu Jerzey Devil – This Is My Life… Vol. 1 (Outro)

Listen to the mixtape below.

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