Deva Bratt Acquitted, “it’s a breath of fresh air”

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For some time now there was a cloud overshadowing the abundant talent from one of dancehall most thriving artist. But now that cloud has past and gone and deejay Deva Bratt is looking to up his game in 2011.

Deva, whose real name is Sheldon Smith, was acquitted from charges stemming from an alleged sexual relationship with a minor in 2008. The dancehall deejay was freed of carnal abuse charges that literally held the artist career at ransom since that time.

In an interview with The Star, Bratt told all his haters that not everything you hear you should believe.

“To the people that thought I was guilty, I don’t blame them because people believe most things that they hear or see, but really and truly it’s not everything you hear or see is how it guh,” Bratt said.

Bratt said he is working along with some top producers and young and upcoming artists through his Krucial Konflict label to put out some good music for this year. Bratt added that his general attitude towards the music business has change and he is now willing to work with artists he would never work with in the past.

“Yeah, it’s possible enuh because as mi seh, it’s a breath of fresh air. The way I used to think then in the music industry is different from how I think now. It’s better to be neutral than one-sided, it’s better to be wise and knowledgeable than stupid and ignorant.”

Bratt said he is focusing on more uplifting music rather than gun lyrics as he move forward.

“Right now, mi a hold off a di gun lyrics and just working to get my music out there again like one time. I don’t have all the contacts for the disc jockeys, so for like dubs and rhythms, etc, they can send them to me at and”

Deva Bratt latest single is called “Hold The Faith” listen below.