Nicki Minaj Say She Regrets The “Lil Kim Signature Pose”

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Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj recently opens up about copying the Lil Kim’s iconic Hardcore album cover pose in the new issue of KING.

During her interview with Sean Malcolm, the Editor-In-Shief at KING magazine, Minaj admits emulating Lil Kim’s pose was

Speaking with KING Editor-In-Chief Sean Malcolm, Minaj admits emulating Kim’s signature pose was not the best move.

“It was too soon for that. Not even too soon- it was unnecessary,” Minaj said.

Minaj also opened up about the day she finally declared herself a rapper even though her peers thought it would be an unusual move for the LaGuardia High School of Music & Art & Performing Arts Student.

“I wanted to do what the boys were doing,” Nicki recalled.

“I always wanted to compete with the boys and I walked into the booth one day and said, ‘I’m a rapper,’ and everyone was looking at me like I had five heads,” she added.

The Trinidad native emcee wrapped things up by showing appreciation for those before her who paved the way so she can become a successful female rapper in a heavily male dominated industry.

“I’m a businesswoman,” Minaj express. “I don’t go onto the block and open up a Burger King if there’s a Burger King right next door. And you know, I won’t open a Burger King if I know the last one failed miserably on that block. I’ve done my research, I’ve paid attention, and now I’m ready for the game.”

In late 2008, Minaj got some bashing for copying Lil Kim’s open legs signature pose. Although, Minaj said she has given Lil Kim credits on several occasions, the issue can be seen as the start of nasty beef between the two female emcees.

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