Shyne Stands By His New Look

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Former Bad Boy rapper Shyne has asserted his decision to change his lifestyle and completely devote himself to Judaism.

Defending his choice to dress in traditional Hasidic fashion, Shyne pondered how the public could question him and applaud pop star Lady Gaga rocking her infamous “raw meat” dress during last year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

“There’s a girl by the name of Lady Gaga and she’s the #1 pop artist in the world and she wears outfits that are stitched together with meat… So if millions of people don’t have a problem with someone wearing meat as an outfit, how could you imagine they would have a problem with a guy like me who stands for everything that any true man stands for, who has walked through a fire, who is honorable and whose life is based on integrity?”

Shortly after being release from prison, Shyne came out publicly about converting to Judaism.

The rapper now resides in the middle east.