Sting 2010 Certified Flop By Fans

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Although Sting has come and gone, the lingering bitterness in fans is still dominating the dancehall atmosphere.

Earlier this week Urban Islandz crowned Sizzla and Lady Saw the Sting 2010 King and Queen. We ask fans to hit us up on facebook and twitter and share their views.

We got hundreds of replies from fans and some of those replies are not fit for our pages but we will fill you in on a few.

“Laing did hear seh no Gully Gaza will flop sting, but him neva listen.” (facebook)

“For over 12 years mi a go a Sting diss a one a di worse mi ever go and mi tink dis a mi last.” (twitter)

“Tell laing seh mi waan back mi money cause non a wha him seh nu happen, no bounty beenie, no vybz kartel, no mavado, no clash, a juss pure f*ckery mi si gwaan.” (facebook)

“Juss like wha kartel seh it go be the floppiest Sting ever.” (twitter)

“A sizzla one perform, cuz when yo beenie man and black ryno and kiprich up de a chat foolishness yo muss know seh something wrong.” (twitter)

There were a lot more but we can only show you a few. Almost everyone called Sting a flop, so we hope the promoters will listen to the voice of the people.

Your thoughts in comments below